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 It’s a noble practice where every teacher acts as a guardian for few number of students, through their entire stay at SMIT. The teacher will help you in every aspect, be it academic or non-academic. TG will be a link between parent and the Institute. He/She is going to play a vital role during your stay at SMIT. TG is a helping hand you can always rely on. Greater the interaction you have with your TG, more comfortable and enjoyable you will find SMIT to be. It is a WIN-WIN interaction for you. You can talk freely with your TG, he will act like your parent and try to guide you. As is the human nature, the more you interact, the closer you will be. Please do develop excellent rapport with your TG and enjoy the fabulous lifetime relationship. SMIT takes pride in its TG scheme and the students play a critical role in the efficiency of this scheme. SMIT sincerely believes that the student’s will ensure a grand success of this Samaritan Scheme.