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To develop Department of Management Studies as a centre of excellence in management education through quality education, training, research, innovation which will eventually nurture employability and entrepreneurship.

  1. To bridge the gap between theory and practice in the knowledge economy.
  2. To develop knowledgeable leaders with high degree of integrity and ethics.
  3. To undertake research and innovation for catering to the emerging societal needs.
  1. To provide wholesome education to meet the intellectual aspirations of students
  2. To equip students with techno-managerial skills to enable them to take their assigned role in the industry
  3. To inculcate essential ethics and values to meet the spiritual needs of the students
  4. To provide a sound institutional environment nurturing emotional strength, a healthy mind, body and resilience amongs



The graduate will be:

  1. Able to use the proper analytical techniques to solve business issues so that the goals are met.
  2. Able to comprehend and use business analytics concepts and techniques critically.
  3. Able to develop feasible solutions for problems with decision-making
  4. Able to apply data analytics to inform information for strategic decisions and to put FinTech solutions into practice.
  5. Able to use leadership, interpersonal, and team-building abilities when interacting in various organizational settings.
  6. Able to examine management procedures and organizational structures in order to provide financial technology solutions to enhance organizational performance.
  7. Able to incorporate ethical and social factors into their profession.
BBA (Business Analytics & FinTech)  PROGRAM OBJECTIVES 
  1. To provide wholesome education in the field of business analytics and financial technology to meet the intellectual aspirations of students.
  2. To equip students with techno-managerial skills thereby enabling them to develop feasible solutions for decision-making problems.
  3. To imbibe an ability for entrepreneurship, innovation, and business growth.
  4. To impart a sense of moral judgment and dedication to the long-term well-being of both the organization and the communities they serve.




This program is designed to provide competency in business analytics and FinTech with subjects spanning from business economics, microfinance, data analytics, artificial intelligence & machine learning, payments, blockchain, data visualization, data mining, financial markets & instruments, entrepreneurship, etc.



Businesses are undergoing a significant shift right now and are being fueled by cutting-edge technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, the internet of things, and mobile computing. These technological disruptions are playing a vital role in business decisions in every sector including financial services.

People with the appropriate skill sets and knowledge of how these developing technologies can be used for better decision-making are in high demand. A degree in this field is a must for a future career.



Business Analytics has been an area of key focus in most industries. With a multitude of data floating in all verticals of a business, such as marketing, sales, finance, social media, etc., it becomes essential to analyze and understand the data to make better business decisions and market development. Business Analytics describes the skills, technologies, and practices for constant pragmatic investigation and analysis of previous business performance to gain insight and drive industry preparation. Company analytics focuses on developing new insights and comprehension of firm operations predicated on data and statistical methods. By comparison, industry intelligence normally targets a consistent group of metrics to both measure past operations and direct firm preparation, which is also centered on data and statistical strategies.

The collaborative efforts of accounting and innovation have resulted in a significant shift in banking, venture, trading, and digital money. This evolution has resulted in the popularity of the phrase "FinTech," a short form for the term Financial Technology. With the expansion of the FinTech Market in India, the entire business world has seen significant alterations in money-related processes and budgetary installation accomplishments. The FinTech opportunities in India have experienced an exponential surge in funding over the previous few years, with investments totalling more than $8 billion already recorded across different phases of investment in 2021. One might be shocked to learn that India has the greatest FinTech adoption rate globally, at 87%, substantially higher than the world average of 64%.



The course's goal is to provide students with a holistic education so that, upon graduation, they will be not only industry ready, but also life ready. The options available to graduates include entrepreneurship, higher education, and employment in different sectors like banking, retail, textile, healthcare, automotive, financial technology etc. 



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  • Passed 10+2/equivalent in any stream with 50% marks (45% in Reserved Category.



Merit based on marks in the qualifying examination.



The scheme of education here finds impressive expressions of those qualities in our students that contributes effectively to their personal growth & of society.

Director, SMIT


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Fees For Sikkim

Quota Students

First Year1,40,00070,000
Second Year1,40,00070,000
Third Year1,40,00070,000
Total Fees4,20,0002,10,000