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Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at SMIT was established in 1997 with a motive to develop skilled engineers to meet industry needs and hence develop responsible citizens for our country and society. Department offers B.Tech. (Electrical and Electronics Engineering), M.Tech. (Power Electronics) and Ph.D. in Engineering. Both B.Tech. and M.Tech. programmes attract the brightest students of the country and abroad every year. Placement record of the department has always been impressive. Students get job from the campus placement and many of them are getting it in core companies every year. Students undergo engineering projects/ internships during their B.Tech. and M.Tech. course. 


To produce technically efficient engineering graduates with human values and professional ethics capable of performing in rapidly changing fields of electrical and electronics engineering by providing outcome based education and research.
Mission Objectives

To develop Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department into a department of excellence, capable of producing competent Electrical and Electronics Engineers who can contribute to the advancement of the society.

The department is dedicated to endow students with the knowledge, technical skills, and values that prepare them to excel as engineers and leaders in their profession.

The department is also committed to induce spark in students for life-long learning and to become good citizens.

  • To create Electrical and Electronics Engineering graduates required as manpower in the industry, research organization, educational institutions, and government organizations.
  • To provide required infrastructure in the electrical and electronics engineering skills developments, in the form of adequate class rooms, well equipped laboratory and research facilities.
  • To teach the students with outcome based education and train them with advanced teaching methodology to make them sound electrical engineers with high level of ethical values. 





Stream Specialization
Interdisciplinary Courses Open Elective
  • Electric Vehicle Technology in collaboration with L&T Edutech
  • Electric Drive Vehicle Engineering
  • Power and Energy System
  • Machine Learning
  • Digital Systems Design
  • Java
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Introduction to hybrid electric vehicles
  • Analog Systems Design
  • Machine Learning


Stream Specialization Interdisciplinary Courses Open Elective
  • Power Electronics




  • One of the first departments to be established.
  • Industry Link Curriculum
  • A suitable blend of having faculty drawn from industry and academician to train the students for making them industry ready.
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • MOU with Sunrator Technologies, Govt. Engineering College, Banka.
  • Internship Opportunity from 4-6 Months.
  • Mentor/Mentee Scheme through Project Based Learning.
  • Strong alumni Network




Smart Grid Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Electrical Vehicle
Non Linear Dynamics
Robotics and Automation Power System Microcontroller, PLC, SCADA Power Electronics and Drives



Problem Solving Communication Skills Entrepreneurship
Leadership Design Thinking Critical Thinking




  • Centre of Excellence in collaboration with L&T Edutech on Electric Vehicle Technology.
  • Development of Energy Club in collaboration with the State Designated Agency, Bureau of Energy Efficiency
  • MOU Signed with Sunrator Technologies.
  • MOU Signed with Govt. Engineering College, Banka



  • Electric Vehicle
  • Smart Grid
  • Non-linear dynamics in Power Converters and its application in secure communication.
  • Analysis of performances of electric motor for electric vehicle application– Electromagnetic field model, analytical model, and finite element analysis.
  • Planning and operation for power distribution system.



It has world class facilities for training undergraduate and postgraduate students.


The lab is well-equipped for UG and PG students of EEE in the area of control system.


List of Equipments at lab:

  • Linear System Simulator
  • Temperature Controller System
  • Compensation Design
  • Relay Control System
  • Dc Position Control
  • Dc Speed Control 
  • Pid Controller
  • Potentiometric Error Detector
  • Digital Control System
  • Microprocessor Device Controller
  • Dc Motor Study
  • Lvdt
  • Stepper Motor
  • Light Intensity Control
  • Digital To Analog Converter
  • Synchro Devices
  • Stroboscope
  • Ac Position Control
  • Ac Servomotor
  • Digital Storage Oscilloscope
  • Scada Trainer
  • Compressor
  • Pressure Control Loop
  • Level Control Loop
  • Flow Control Loop
  • Dc Motor Speed Control Using Chopper Driver
  • Digital Multimeter
  • Computer
  • Voltmeter
  • Ammeter

Analog & Digital Motor (A) Virtual Control Laboratory

(B)Command Potentiometer

C) PID Controller Unit

D) Power Supply Unit 

E) MS15-DC Motor  Control Unit


The lab is well-equipped for UG students of EEE and ME Department in the area of detailed study of Electrical Machines.

List of equipments at lab:

  • Dc Shunt Motor Shunt Generator Set
  • Cage Induction Motor
  • Slipring Induction Motor
  • Torque Slip Chh. Of 3-Phase Induction Motor
  • Gang Rheostat
  • Auto Synchronous Motor
  • DC Series Motor
  • Measuring of Direct & Quad. Axis Reactance
  • Predetermination of Voltage regulation
  • DC Shunt Motor # Alternator
  • DC Compound Motor # Generator Set
  • Shunt Motor Series Generator
  • Measurement of Transient & Sub Transient Alternator
  • Parallel Operation of Alternator
  • V & Inverted V Curve
  • No Load & Block rotor Test
  • Compound Motor With load
  • Load Test on Induction Generator
  • Load Test on 3P Squirrel cage Ind. Motor
  • DC Shunt Motor set
  • Load Test on 3P Induction motor
  • Lamp Load
  • Loading Rheostat
  • Single Phase Auto Tx.
  • Single phase Transformer
  • 3 Phase Auto Tx.
  • Auto Transformer starter
  • 3 Phase Tx.
  • 1 Phase Tx. with 230V/200V/115V
  • Loading Inductor 1Phase
  • 3  Point Starter
  • 4 Point Starter
  • Star Delta Starter
  • Automatic Star Delta Starter
  • Semi Automatic Star Delta Starter
  • DC Power Supply(Battery Charger)
  • Rotor Resistance Starter
  • AC Distribution Panel
  • DC Distribution Panel
  • Laboratory Rectifier Panel 
  • Cut Section Model of 1P Induction Motor
  • Cut Section Model of DC Motor
  • 3 PHASE loading Inductor
  • Stop Watch
  • Insutester
  • Phase Sequence Indicator
  • Tachometer 
  • Vaccum Cleaner
  • Watmeter
  • Rheostat
  • Ammeter AC(0-10/20A)
  • Voltmeter 
  • Electric Blower


The lab is well-equipped for UG students of EEE Department in the area of measuring instruments. 

The major equipments include :

  • Analog To Digital Trainer Kit
  • Galvanometer MR-100 Class2.0
  • Standard CT 5A
  • Osaw Anderson Bridge
  • Digital To Analog Trainer Kit
  • Maxwell's Inductance/Capacitance Bridge
  • Schering Capacity Bridge
  • OSAW Volt-Ratio Box
  • Standard Resistance 0.01 Ohm
  • Standard Resistance 0.1 Ohm&1ohm
  • OSAW Standard Cell Box
  • Stereo Headphone
  • Calibration Of 3-Phase Energymeter
  • 1-Phase Energymeter Adjustment 
  • CT Test-SILSBU'S Comparative Deflection 
  • Crompton Potentiometer(Wooden Case)
  • Wheatstone Bridge(Wooden Case)
  • Kelvin Double Bridge
  • Phase Shifting Transformer
  • Plc Trainer Kit
  • Digital Oscilloscope
  • Earth Resistance Tester
  • Auto Transformer
  • Multimeter
  • Logic Analysier
  • Dual Power Supply(0-30v)
  • Single Power Supply (0-30v)


The lab is well-equipped to offer detailed analysis of electrical circuits to the UG students of EEE Department.

List of Equipments include:

  • Systronics Function Generator/Counter 1MHz
  • Aplab Regulated DC Power Supply (0-30V, 0-2A)
  • Aplab Regulated Dual DC Power Supply(0-30V, 0-1A)
  • Decade Capacitance Box 
  • Decade Inductance Box
  • Decade Resistance Box 
  • Rheostat
  • Multimeter
  • Voltmeter 
  • Ammeter


The lab is well equipped for the UG students of EEE Department to get a detailed idea of Microprocessor and Microcontroller.

List of Equipments include:

  • 8085 Microprocesser Kit
  • 8086 Microprocesser Kit
  • 8051 Development Board


The lab is well equipped for the UG and the PG students of EEE Department to get a detailed study of the various converters and other power electronics devices.

List of Equipments at lab includes:

  • Force Commutation Power Circuit Study Unit
  • 1-Ø Parallel Bridge Inverter(Pragna Make)
  • 1-Ø Bridge Inverter Firing Circuit (Pragna Make)
  • 1-Ø Half/Full Bridge Converter Circuit(SIBA Make)
  • DC Chopper (Jone’s Chopper)(Pragna Make)
  • 1-Ø Fully Controlled Converter Power Circuit(Pragna Make)
  • 1-Ø Converter Firing Circuit(Pragna Make)
  • 1-Ø Induction Motor Drive(Pragna Make)
  • AC Motor (0.5 HP, 3A/220V)(Premier Make)
  • DC Separately Excited Motor(Meghna Make)
  • DC Chopper Firing Circuit(Pragna Make)
  • Aplab High Volt 12-300V DC/1A Regulated Power Supply
  • SMPS Module(Omega Make)
  • SCR Inverter Module(Pragna Make)
  • Extension Chord
  • SMPS Trainer PWM Control(Vi-Microsystem)
  • Dual Trace Oscilloscope(HAMEG-40MHz)
  • Digital Storage Oscilloscope(Instek-GDS 8205) 150 MHz
  • Digital Storage Oscilloscope(Textronics-TDS2012B)100 MHz
  • Spectrum Analyzer(GW INSTEK) (GSP-810)150 kHz – 1000 MHz
  • Step-up Transistorised Chopper (Adtron-8533)
  • Step-down TransistorisedChopper (Adtron-8534)
  • 1Ø PWM Inverter using transistor (Adtron-8527)
  • DV/DT limitation of SCR(Adtron-2026)
  • 1Ø Ramp Comparator Firing Circuit for SCR(Adtron-8508)
  • Morgan’s Chopper(Adtron-8532)
  • Voltage Commutated Chopper (Adtron-8531)
  • 3Ø Cycloconverter(Adtron-8255)
  • 1Ø Cycloconverter(Adtron Make)
  • 1Ø Bridge Inverter using IGBT (Adtron-8529)
  • Firing Circuit using Cosine Wave Scheme(Omega-PET425)
  • Firing Circuit using Ramp Comparator Scheme(Omega Make)
  • SMPS (Flyback)(Powercon Make)
  • SMPS (Full-Bridge)(Powercon Make)
  • SMPS (Half-Bridge)(Powercon Make)
  • SMPS (Push-Pull)(Powercon Make)
  • UJT & Its use an an Relaxation Oscillator with Power Supply(Powercon Make)
  • SCR & AC Phase Control with Power Supply (Powercon Make)
  • SCR Triggering Circuit using TC785 with Power Supply (Powercon Make)
  • 1Ø MOSFET Chopper PWM Converter (24V DC)(Powercon Make)
  • Firing Circuit with Ramp Comparator with Power Supply (Powercon Make)
  • Firing Circuit using Cosine Wave (Powercon Make)
  • 3Ø Full-wave Half-Controlled Bridge Rectifier(Powercon Make)
  • Zero Voltage Switching with Power Supply(Powercon Make)
  • Zero Current Switching with Power Supply (Powercon Make)
  • Study of VI Characterisitcs of IGBT (Powercon Make)
  • Study of VI Characteristics of BJT (Powercon Make)
  • SCR Parallel Inverter(Adtron-8524)
  • AC-Drive Demonstrator Unit (3Ø PWM Based)( Make: Adtron), Model:8543
  • PLC Trainer Model for Lift
  • PLC Unit for Seven Segment Display (Vinytics Make)
  • PLC Unit for Pick & Place Module
  • PLC Demonstration Trainer(VPL Infotech Make)
  • PLC Unit for Starter Control & Star-Delta Starter Module(VPL Infotech Make)


The lab is well equipped for the UG students of EEE Dept to get a detailed study of the power system.

List of equipments include:

  • Analog-Digital Trainer Kit(ULPL Make)
  • Aplab 9 in 1 Test Model (4049)
  • Digital Ampere Meter(Sharda Make)
  • Analog Ampere Meter(Sharda Make)
  • Analog Ampere Meter
  • Digital Multimeter(Classic-333 Make)
  • Digital Multimeter(DT8300)(Unity Make)
  • Dual Trace Oscilloscope(Systronics 20 MHz)
  • Dual Trace Oscilloscope(Model:33055)(Aplab-20 MHz)
  • Function Generator(Aplab 0-1 MHz) 2011
  • Analog Ampere  Voltmeter


The lab is well equipped for the UG students of EEE Dept to get a detailed study of the power system.

List of equipments include:

  • Solar power kit
  • Relay measurement 
  • Transformer protection
  • Alternator protection
  • DC network analizer
  • ABCD parameter measurement


The lab is well equipped for the UG students of EEE Dept to get a detailed study of the power system.

List of equipments include:

  • Spartan 3E Starter Kit (Digilent make)              
  • Xilinx Virtex-5 ML-507 FPGA Platform                
  • Virtex 5 XUP V5 Kit                                              
  • ZedBoard Zynq-7000 Development Board          
  • Xilinx ISE 11.3 System Edition                           
  • Xilinx Vivado System Edition 


Welcome to the department of EEE. In this department you’ll be guided and trained to be future technocrats to move the world.

Mohammed Nasir Ansari

HOD, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering










Mohammed Nasir Ansari

Head Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering , Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology

Mobile No:  +91-7407484784