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The B.Tech program in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence involves subjects such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Data Modelling, Machine Learning And Big Data Analytics imparting the state of the art knowledge to the students and prepare them with the skills to perform intelligent data analysis which is a key component in numerous real-world applications.


Accreditation and Affiliations SMIT_AICTE 2021-2022


Vision Mission
To achieve eminence in the field of quality techno-logical education and research in knowledge discovery of mathematical reasoning, statistical, machine learning, and visualization skills. To develop into a department of excellence capable of producing competent techno-managers who can contribute effectively to the advancement of the society.

To prepare students to identify, formulate and solve real life and industrial problems with their knowledge of data science and artificial intelligence.

To develop techno-managerial ability to execute assigned responsibilities.

To provide the guidance to develop moral and ethical attitudes.

To provide education to adopt novel technologies towards the betterment of human life and society.

Program Educational Objectives (B. Tech in Artificaial Intelligence (AI) & Data Science)

1. To empower students with skills and employability to solve real life problems.

2. To inculcate professional ethics in students and prepare them to become professionals

3. To enhance technical skills and enthusiasm among students to carry out higher studies and research.

4. To motivate students for cutting edge education and research.

5. To encourage students for becoming future entrepreneur and provide them an ecosystem for the same. 



Realization of Sustainable Development Goals towards a Smarter world through incorporation of Artificial Intelligence in the system

Dr. Rabindranth Bera

Professor & Head