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The department attempts to be recognized for outstanding education and training of computer application graduates who can contribute to the society and the nation.

To impart value education, quality training and provide hands on learning experience.

To develop the department as the best resource house which provides a rewarding learning experience for the students.

To assure constant improvement in quality of education and research in computer applications.

To develop academically competent and motivated graduates who can excel in their career, inculcate entrepreneurial skills or grow academically.

To acquire necessary knowledge and skills that enable students to take up technological and professional challenges.

To impart knowledge required by the students for development of IT solutions and formulation of solutions that solve modern-day real-world problems.

To promote ethical values that students would exhibit both professionally and socially.

Program Educational Objectives (Bachelor in Computer Application)

    BCA graduates will apply knowledge and skills acquired with competence, credibility and communication.

    BCA graduates will be encouraged for higher studies, research activities and entrepreneurial skills.

    BCA graduates will exhibit professionalism by inculcating technical skills and ethical values.

Program Educational Objectives (Master in Computer Application) 

MCA graduates will have successful career based on their understanding of formal and practical methods of applications development using the concepts of Computer Programming, Software and Design Principles.


MCA graduates will be prepared for pursuing higher studies in their related field.


MCA graduates will demonstrate analytical and design skills including the ability to generate creative solutions and foster team-oriented professionalism.


MCA graduates will exhibit effective work ethics and be able to adapt to the challenges of dynamic professional environment.


The Department of Computer Applications was established in the year 2001, as a unit of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. It was bifurcated from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering in the year 2014 to form a separate department. The department provides graduate and postgraduate courses in Computer Applications (BCA and MCA). The department also offers Doctoral programs in diversified areas of Computer Science and its applications.


The curriculum enables the students to be proficient in various areas of computer science such as:

  • Data structures and Design and analysis of algorithms
  • Extraction of knowledge from data
  • Digital circuits and logic design
  • Object oriented design and programming concepts
  • Software engineering concepts
  • Cloud computing
  • Computer networks and security
  • Web development using PHP, and .NET technologies 



  • Experienced and qualified faculty.
  • BCA with mini specialization in Data Science, Cloud Technology, or Network Security.
  • MCA with mini specialization in Data Science, Cloud Technology, or Network Security.
  • Seminars, workshops, and invited talks are regularly organized.
  • Training and guidance for placements.



  • Research in diversified emerging areas of Computer Science
  • Industry oriented courses
  • Exposure to live projects through internships.




With Assam University, Silchar for conducting workshops.




  • Remote Sensing/GIS
  • Data Mining
  • Image & Video Processing
  • Networking
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Bio-informatics














Contact: Dr. Samarjeet Borah

         Head, Department of Computer Applications, SMIT

         Contact No: 9832621898/9735948888




It has world class facilities for training undergraduate and postgraduate students.



The lab is well-equipped with 20 HP and 20 Wipro I3 computer systems with Windows/ Linux.

The equipments include:

  • Intel ® Xeon ® CPU X3430 Server with 2.39 Ghz, 1.98 GB RAM and 500 GB HDD
  • 20 Wipro I3 machines with 3 GB RAM and 500 GB HDD.
  • 20 HP I3 machines with 4 GB RAM and 500 GB HDD
  • Software: Turbo C, Oracle 10g, MatLab, Unix/Linux/Microsoft MSDN
  • LCD Projector
  • 24 port DLink switches
  • Internet and LAN connectivity





The equipments include

  • 10  TECHBOOK IC Trainer Kit
  • ICs with various pin configurations
  • LCD Projector




The Department aims to educate and train students with the knowledge and skills and make them ready for the industry or future academic endeavours"

Dr. Samarjeet Borah

HOD, Deptartment of CA