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1. This document outlines the sequence of various activities carried out pertaining to different process followed for redressal of grievances of students.

2. Any student awarded punishment on account of indiscipline act violation of Code of Conduct or malpractices in the examination has the right to appeal for reconsideration of his/her punishment on reasonable and justifiable grounds and may appeal to the Grievance Committee constituted by Director SMIT.

      The composition of the committee :

  • Prof (Dr.) Ratika Pradhan, Associate Director (SA)    -  Member
  • Prof. (Dr.) R.N Bera, HOD ECE Dept.                        -  Member
  • Prof. (Dr.) Sanjay Dahal, Chemistry Dept.                -  Member
  • Prof. (Dr.) H.K.D Sarma, HOD IT                             -  Member
  • Chairman or member of previous committee if applicable

3. This committee is a standing committee constituted by Director SMIT with Dean (A) as Chairman and senior faculty members at the level of HODs, Professors and Associate Professorsas members.

4. The student appealing to the grievance committee has to address their applications to the Director, SMIT for reconsideration of the punishment. The students have to submit two undertakings one by himself/herself and another by the parents as per the format given in Appendix I & II.

5. Once the application is considered by Director SMIT to be reviewed by the Grievance Committee a convening order is issued by him for review of the same by the standing Committee.

6. Accordingly, the committee has to sit to review the case (s) on the merit of the facts. If necessary, they may also call the committee.

7. On review of the case and after thorough investigation and looking after the past record of the student, the committee submits specific recommendation stating either to reduce the punishment or to maintain status quo to Director SMIT.

8. On recommendation of the committee Director, SMIT approves and notifies the outcome of the review to the student as well as the parents, TG and HODs.

9. One copy of the notification goes to personal file of the student’s for future record.


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