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To establish the department as the centre for innovation and excellence.

To produce technically competent graduates with a flair for research and entrepreneurship. 

  1. To provide an opportunity to excel in the mechanical engineering domain through unmatched guidance, teaching, updated curriculum, and training that meets the future demand of the country.
  2. To incorporate education, learning and research in an effort to gain the latest knowledge and successfully apply the acquired skills.
  3. To develop and promote professional and academic endeavors driven by the needs of the industry.
  4. To enhance and continue the interactions and research collaborations with other organizations.


  1.  To excel in industries, technological fields and professional/personal career.
  2.  To develop ability to apply mathematical, scientific and engineering concept to solve real life industrial problems.
  3. To develop engineering analytical skills in analyzing, designing and developing useful novel products related to mechanical engineering.
  4.  To develop effective communication skills, multidisciplinary approach, excellent teamwork spirit and ability to lead the team.
  5. To exhibit professionalism with high moral, social and ethical values.
  6.  To provide strong foundation of mechanical engineering for higher education and research.




Established in the year 1997, the Department of Mechanical Engineering has traversed the path of knowledge dissemination and generation. The department feels proud about producing over 1400 Mechanical Engineering graduates to serve the Nation. Over these glorious years of its journey, it has carved a niche for itself in the key areas of teaching, research, administration and community services. The Department of Mechanical Engineering gives priority to update the Mechanical Engineering education, primarily driven by the dynamics of technological advances and sustainable development and the curriculum is revised on a continuous basis with active involvement of industry, alumni, research organizations and other stakeholders.


B.Tech Minor Specialization
Automotive Engineering Robotics & Automation Machine Design


  • Highly developed Infrastructure
  • Well-equipped Laboratories with latest Research facilities
  • Highly qualified and dedicated faculty.
  • State–of-art Machines for experimentation.
  • Strong R&D activities in the department.
  • Exposure to live industrial projects.
  • Adequate volumes of Textbooks, journals and periodicals in Departmental Library.
  • Faculty to student ratio is 1:20
  • Student’s Society (MEDUSA) for all round development of the student.



  • Thermodynamics
  • Machine Design
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Production Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Automobile Engineering



  • Nonconventional Machining
  • Processes, Micromachining
  • Applied Soft Computing
  • Operations Management
  • Energy Planning & Management
  • Rural Energy, Rural Technology
  • Composite material




  • Department of Mechanical Engineering organized the “International Conference on Mechanical, Materials and Renewable Energy” from 8th December to 10th December 2017 at the Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology.
  • Second International Conference organized by Department of Mechanical Engineering, “International Conference on Mechanical, Materials and Renewable Energy” during 6th December to 7th December 2019 at the Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology.
  • National workshop on the topic "Recent advancement of renewable Energy and Material Science" (RAREMS 2019) organized by the Department of Mechanical Engineering on 8th December 2019 at the Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology.
  • Mr. Soham Das from the dept. of Mechanical engineering, received the best paper award for the paper titled “Microstructural and Bonding structure analysis of TiAlN thin films deposited with varying N2 flow rate via ion beam sputtering (IBS) technique” in MSRC-2018, organized by Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology during 15th- 16th, March 2018.



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  • M.Tech in Production Engineering (ME) (Programme not being offered from AY 2020 - 2021)



It has world class facilities for training undergraduate and postgraduate students.


The lab is well equipped to offer UG, PG and research studies in the area of Metrology.

The major equipments are as follows

  • Profile projector,
  • CLA measuring machine,
  • Sine bar, 
  • Bevel protector,
  • Height guage,
  • Micrometer
  • optical Microscope
  • Tool maker microscope
  • Guages
  • Surface coating meter etc


The lab is well equipped to offer UG level studies in the area of Dynamics.

The major equipments are as follows

  • Cam Analysis Machine,
  • Static and Dynamic Balancing Apparatus,
  • Motorized Gyroscope to study the gyroscopic effect of rotating disc,
  • By-Filler Suspension,
  • Simple and compound Pendulum, Whirling of Shaft,
  • Apparatus for finding longitudinal vibration of Helical Spring,
  • Force Vibration of Equivalent Spring Mass System Apparatus,
  • Damped Torsional Apparatus,
  • Single and Two Rotor Shaft,
  • Epi Cyclic Gear Train Apparatus,
  • Universal Governor Apparatus 
  • Apparatus for finding out the Coriolli’s Component of Acceleration etc.


The lab is well equipped to offer various type of testing on materials required for UG level studies.

The major equipments are as follows:

  • Computerised and analog Universal Testing Machine for tensile, compressive and shear test of various materials, 
  • Torsion testing Machine for finding out modulous of rigidity,
  • Rockwell, Brinell and Vickers Hardness Testing Machine for finding out hardness of materials,
  • Impact Testing Machine and Fatigue Testing Machine. 

Automobile Engineering Lab 

The lab is well equipped for the demonstration & analysis for the  students to make basic foundation in Mechanical Engineering .

List of Equipments include:

  • Working Model of Two stroke petrol & Diesel Engine
  • Working Model of four stroke petrol & Diesel Engine
  • Simple Gear Train & Compound Gear Train
  • Different types of gear like spur gear , Bevel gear


Lab is well equipped for UG and research works in the areas of Non-Traditional Machining processes.

  • CNC Lathe – 02
  • Centre Lathe – 01
  • CNC Milling – 01
  • Electro-Discharge Machine – 01
  • Laser Beam Machine – 01
  • Universal Tool and Cutter Grinder - 01


Lab is well equipped with the latest software such as

  • Creo parametric 
  • Ansys
  • Cadian
  • Matlab to facilitate the upcoming Engineers with the essentiality of designing.


The lab is well equipped to offer UG, PG and research studies in the area of machining and introduction to basic operations like

  • Carpentry
  • Fitting
  • Soldering 
  • Plumbing etc.


The major equipments include

  • Bench vice for holding jobs,
  • Drilling machine for making holes, 
  • Vernier calliper for measurements of height, depth, and diameter
  • Soldering  equibments
  • Grinding equibments
  • Anvil and electric heater are also included in the workshop.
  • Various types of Files,
  • Varrious Saws,
  • varrious Chisels, Scriber
  • Metal jack plane and wooden jack plane are used for cutting and material removal.
  • Varrious punchs, letter punch etc. are used for marking purposes.  


The Departmental Library have more than five hundreds books for the undergraduate, post graduates students and for the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Department.


List of equipment:-

  • Centrifugal Blower Test Rig
  • Axial Fan Test Rig
  • Refrigeration Trainer
  • Air Conditioner Trainer
  • 2-Stage Reciprocating Air Compressor
  • Single Cylinder 4-stroke Diesel Engine Test Rig
  • Multi-Cylinder 4-stroke Petrol Engine Test Rig
  • Multi-Fuel Variable Compression Engine Test Rig




List of equipment:-

  • Heat transfer through insulating powder apparatus.
  • Heat transfer through pin fin apparatus.
  • Heat transfer through insulating slab apparatus.
  • Heat transfer through lagged pipe apparatus.
  • Finned tube heat exchanger.
  • Shell and tube heat exchanger.
  • Dropwise and film-wise condensation apparatus.
  • Heat transfer through composite wall apparatus.
  • Emissivity of test plate apparatus.
  • Thermal conductivity of metal bar apparatus.
  • Stefan Boltzmann apparatus.
  • Parallel flow and counter flow heat exchanger.
  • Heat transfer in Natural convection apparatus.
  • Heat transfer in forced convection apparatus.

Machine Shop

  • Lathe
  • Shepper Machine
  • Horizontal Milling Machine
  • Slotter Machine
  • Verticle Milling Machine
  • Electro Discharge Machine
  • Surface Grinding Machine
  • Radial Drilling Machine
  • TIG Welding Machine
  • MIG Welding Machine
  • ARC Welding Machine
  • Oxy ARC Welding Machine

Computational Lab

  • C and C++ 
  • Python


We aim to promote efficient technocrat as well as good researcher for the industrial revolution of our country. Because we cannot deny our responsibility for the nation and vision 2020.”

Prof(Dr) Ruben Phipon

HOD/Additional Professor