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  • B.Sc. Physical Education and Sports (3 Years) (Hons.) (Hons. with Research)

  • Career in teaching and coaching sports

  • 30%

    Scholarships to Meritious Students



The Department of Physical Education is focuses on the teaching and research of Physical Education and Sports and related fields. The primary goal of the department is to provide the knowledge to students and necessary skills to become professional physical education teacher, coaches, fitness trainer, and sports professionals.



Vision Mission
  1. The Department of Physical Education intends to provide top-notch physical education professional programmes that are intended to produce qualified and skilled physical educators.
  1. To provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become effective physical education professional.
  2. To prepare students to design and deliver effective physical education programs.
  3. To promote the importance of physical activity and a healthy lifestyle to the wider society and community.
  4. To collaborate with other organizations for conducting research on the benefits of exercise and physical activity, and providing outreach programs to encourage individuals to adopt healthy attitude and behaviour.
  1. To impart in-depth information to the students in order to aid their development of teaching techniques, academic excellence, and general growth in order to reach international standards.
  2. To enable the students to learn about the most recent developments in physical education and sports, as well as to foster an environment of active learning and effective communication.
  3. To create possibilities that will increase engagement in research, information dissemination, and knowledge preservation for both academic and social progress.

Program Educational Objectives 

  1. Developing physical literacy  among students  so that they can implement necessary skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed to participate in physical activities throughout their lives.
  2. Enhancing physical fitness  by offering various fitness programs.
  3. Improving health and wellness by educating students on healthy lifestyle choices, nutrition, and the benefits of physical activity.
  4. Developing sports skills  by training through various sports programs such as sports or physical activities, such as basketball, volleyball, drills, aerobics etc.
  5. Promoting teamwork and sportsmanship  through team sports, recreational games, and other activities that encourage collaboration and fair play.
  6. Providing professional development through workshops, conferences, and other training opportunities to help teachers and coaches stay up-to-date on the latest research and best practices in physical education  and sports



Sow the seeds of health today, every step in physical education is a step towards a stronger tomorrow.