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The University’s vision is to be a global leader in Human Development, Excellence in Education and Healthcare. Through its mission, the University has embarked on a journey to supplement the nation’s developmental goals in providing high quality education, affordable and quality healthcare services to the masses while developing professionals of excellent technical calibre with a humane approach capable of shouldering the responsibility of building a nation.




  • To achieve eminence in the field of quality technological education and research.



  • To develop SMIT into an Institution of Excellence capable of producing competent techno-managers who can contribute effectively to the advancement of the society.



  • To provide wholesome education to meet the intellectual aspirations of the students.  
  • To equip students with techno-managerial skills to enable them to take their assigned role in the industry.
  • To inculcate essential ethics and values to meet the spiritual needs to the students.
  • To provide a sound institutional environment nurturing emotional strength, healthy mind, body and resilience amongst the students.