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Illusion, a group filled with never ending energy and boldness is the oldest dance group on the campus. Inspiring students of SMIT to dance and let it out since 2000.  Its members receiving highest praise for their diverse forte from bollywood to b-boying, their musicality, and their sheer human authenticity. Their achievements have even made college proud when their few dancers shined in springfest, IIT kharagpur. The mission of these Illusionists is to develop, promote and sustain dance on the grounds of Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology and enrich the students with art of dance.



“Dance is the Hidden Language of the soul” and with this idea three girls of the E & C department who were bored of their humdrum lives gave voice to an idea to bring together all the dancers of this college under one roof and form an official dance society of SMIT. This noble idea was met with a lot of impediment. These hurdles no matter how big did not deter the spirit of the founders and with the help of Prof. Mrs. T.Y Ladhaki, this seed that was sown on 31st  January, 2015 & came into full bloom by the name of “UDAAN-SMIT Dance Society”. UDAAN has been consistently performing in various inter- and intra-college dance competitions and events and has always won the heart of audience. UDAAN came together to represent SMIT in Kaalrav ’16 and ‘17 and secured Second Prize in the Group Dance Competition. The soul and whole motive of UDAAN is to entertain people and express themselves which is reflected in their performances.



Music is a soul to the world, wings to mind, flight to imagination and life to everything. When the name itself has it all it doesn’t need an introduction to define its position in SMIT and in the hearts of the students. The dream of some really talented students soon became the centre of attention to many. Just as the name suggests, this group has a range of artists of different genre who as a group strives to create musical wonder. Chromatix is the first ever Music Club of SMIT founded and established in the year 2016.The club functions as a family and gives platform for the daily advancement of an individual. Journey from a newly formed club to a well-to-do one wasn’t easy, but was surely memorable. Sweat and passion together handed the club its very first opportunity to perform in Kaalrav’17. Chromatix was highly applauded and their first appearance in Kaalrav’17 was highly appreciated. This club also has plans for conducting workshops and training classes for newbies.



SMITMUN is a student- run initiative that strives to create world – class leaders and provides an international platform for them to voice their ideas on various topics that concern the whole of humanity.

Allowing students to step into the shoes of diplomats and ambassadors, SMITMUN gives them a taste of what it feels like to have a hope of an entire country on their shoulders.

SMITMUN, in collaboration with UNIC (United Nations Information Centre for India & Bhutan) and HeForShe (UN Women Solidarity Movement for gender equality) organises annual Model UN Conference Summit Sikkim which allows one to be in the company of highly intellectual minds and discuss on issues like Freedom of Speech, South China Sea Dispute, Political Reforms or anything that our national and world leaders face or are likely to face in the future. Thinking out-of-the-box, convincing everyone with new ideas, drafting laws and resolutions and enforcing them globally are some features of MUN. Not only does it boost ones’ confidence, but also inculcates public speaking and convincing abilities. SMITMUN is a great platform for students to rise, lead and grow.



The Chatter is the newsletter of the students of SMIT. Run by the students itself, the Chatter is an initiative under the SMITMUN, formed with the intention of promoting mass awareness and keeping them up-to-date with any news and events happening in and around the college. Equipped with some of the best writers, editors and reporters of the college, the club aims to present both the lively and the solemn side of the college. The surroundings of the local area and the beautiful state of Sikkim are also found to be recurrently featured in the travel and food accounts of our site. Since its establishment, it had been a prime platform for the creative minds around the campus to sharpen and stimulate their skills, and also to give you the best and quickest insight of the college.



Sports club SMIT is a cohesive group of sports enthusiasts who take keen interest in organizing and participating sports events at SMIT. Since its inception in 2015, the student members of Sport Club have majorly responsible for organizing varied events viz. Kaalrav Kridah in the year 2016 and 2017, Inter college football tournament, Inter College Cricket Tournament and the like .Under the alike guidance of Dhiraj Sir (Teacher co-ordinator) and Sports Head Sarvottam Kaundinya, Sports Club strives to promote a popular sports culture and a healthy and active environment for the students, faculty and staff members here at SMIT.



a.  CREW

We click. We learn. We share. The tagline itself depicts the dedication towards the art.


Initially started by a bunch of talented, creative boys a couple of years back, the group has seen many crest and trough across this brief yet all-encompassing time period. The group hit the milestone right after the annual fest of SMIT, KAALRAV. The event brought in management, team spirit, passion and positive vibes to the group. Often heard the fellow members calling “The Crew” a family is rightly seen when they are together. Over the years, the group has extended its boundaries in and out of the college premise. The Crew is the birthplace of zillions of passionate photographers and soon made it to the top by becoming the first ever-Official Photography Club of SMIT.   



a.  EDGE

Over the years gaming has gone from a single player activity into one where thousands of players worldwide play together and share the grander experience of the now; social activity.

The main objectives of the edge gaming club is to help build this gaming community in the college, to build games as projects and to help the members of the club develop their skills involved with these activities.

Objectives aside, we however intend on letting games do what they do best; making sure everyone is having a good time and bringing together a rather introverted lot.



Inquisitive, a club started on 6th of February, 2015 is the sole quizzing club of Sikkim Manipal institute of technology, which aims to inspire students of here to pursue their hunger for the knowledge in areas other than their regular field of study. The club encourage the passion among students for healthy competition with proper quality quizzes covering various interesting and new theme every time. The club wish to provide a platform for students with a thirst for knowledge and ever ready to increase their intellectual level.



On top of building a community of open source enthusiasts, the club’s objecyive is to create useful projects not only club members, but everyone, all the while developing the members team working and coding skills.



We are currently a small and upcoming club at Sikkim Manipal Institue of Technology consisting of students from a variety of degree programs interested in sharing a better understanding of Arificial Intelligence (AI), its problems , techniques for implementing their respective solutions, and keeping abreast of current developments in the domain.


e.  DE DESINO (Designing Club)

The idea of De Desino which aims to create a centre of excellence in designing and the discipline of innovation including creative and user-centric approaches for developing products, processes and services.



The Alumni Cell of SMIT forms the crucial link between the esteemed alumni of our Institute and the present students. It helps bridge the gap between the two, enables the students in knowing their alumni well, helps them in networking with each other and the cell since its birth has contributed undoubtedly in connecting the SMIT Family spread worldwide. The web portal maintained by the cell also acts as a great source of opportunities for the students in the form of internships, project funding, corporate exposure, placement training and much more. A group of young, dedicated and hardworking students who together work on publishing success stories of various alumni excelling in diverse fields run it. They bring their stories to the world and inspire many. The cell works under the mentorship and guidance of Prof. (Dr.) B.B. Pradhan. It’s an exemplary team whose dedication for their alma mater is unparalleled.



Dcoders is the first coding club of SMIT, started in collaboration with Mozilla Foundation India. Despite being just 6 months old, DCoders till date has hosted the launch event in association with Mozilla Kolkata, has conducted various workshops such as Web Development, Python and Decoding QR Codes and shall be hosting its upcoming mega-event, Enigma! We belive that coding should be fun and intuitive, so come let us join the global movement of making the world code better.