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Student Council (SC) is an elected body of students. The elected members are third year students and the Vice-President (VP) and General Secretary (GS) needs to be Class Representative (CR). The students contesting for various posts needs to be nominated by SC members.

All the CR’s except for 4th year are allowed to vote to elect the SC members.

The main function of Student Council is to coordinate all type of student’s activities in the campus. They directly function under Dean (SA) and in the monthly meeting chaired by Director, all issues pertaining to students are discussed in detail.

Student Council serves as a platform where the students can raise their concerns and constructively participate in betterment of student’s career, life at campus and contribute positively to the building of the Institute as an ideal place of learning and place of stay.



Sl. No
Name Reg No. Dept/Yr Designation Mobile No
1. Ankit Abhishek 20140270 Civil/3rd Vice President 9002422944
2. Ankit Kumar 20140635 ECE/3rd General Secretary 7550921860
3. Anirudh Sharma 20140305 ME/3rd Cultural Secretary (Boys) 9676864528
4. Akisha Singh 20140305 CSE/3rd Cultural Secretary (Girls) 7584002202
5. Rahul Mahajan 20140298 ME/3rd Sports Secretary (Boys) 9851885334
6. Shritika Ghimirey 20140204 ME/3rd Sports Secretary (Girls) 7872888010
7. Kashish Jindal 20140456 ECE/3rd Mess & Canteen Secretary (Boys) 9851945514
8. Akhtara Afsana Ahmed 20140058 ECE/3rd Mess & Canteen Secretary (Girls) 7063678305
9. Ashmita Ganguly 20140612 CSE/3rd Debate & Literary Secretary 8768971346
10. Kaberi Baruah 201523001 BBA/2nd Management Representative 8906854270
11. Gaurav Pradhan 201522002 MCA/2nd Computer Application Representative
12. Bibek Sharma
201621310 M.Sc/1st M.Sc. Representative 9577117132
13. Bhawana Agarawawl 20140154 CIVIL/3rd Lady Representative 8972230985
14. Sneha Agarawal 20140080 CSE/3rd IT Council Representative 8389874080
15. Bhubanesh Verma 20140006 CSE/3rd IT Council Representative 7063678326
16. Abhishek Singh 20140294 CSE/3rd IT Council Representative 9958028243
17. Harsh Sikhwal 20140024 CSE/3rd IT Council Representative 8900049792
18. Ankit Kumar Singh 20140257 ME/3rd Techinical Representative 7031116021
19. Monika Barja 20140321 EEE/3rd Library Member 7063667322
20. Anju Pradhan 201518512 CIVIL/3rd Conduct Member 8348569701
21. Agamya Jha 201518512 CSE/3rd T&P Secretary (Boys) 8377910492
22. Akriti Marwaha 20140747 CSE/3rd T&P Secretary (Girls) 7063678482