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Sikkim Manipal University has separate hostel facilities provided for students at both it's campuses i.e technical campus at Majitar and Medical campus at Tadong Sikkim. All the hostel's services provided have the best state of the art facilities to make students comfortable far from their homes. All the hostels are under the supervision of their respective Chief wardens.

The hostel provides a cot, mattress, study table, chair, book rack, and wardrobe for each student. Every hostel has uninterrupted electricity, hot water facility during the winter period, water cooler with Aquaguard filters, recreation hall, gymnasium, and indoor games facilities.



  • All students are required to bring three passport size photographs for hostel admission at the time of counseling. Hostel fees and mess & utility deposit may be paid at the time of counseling or registration/admission.
  • Every attempt will be made to provide hostel accommodation for all students.  Students must occupy rooms specifically allotted to them. They are not allowed to change rooms except with the written permission of the chief warden.
  • Allotment made to a student is subject to cancellation if he/she fails to occupy the room within the prescribed time. Students will also forfeit their rooms if they fail to clear all their dues to the hostel by the appointed day. In such cases, they may be asked to vacate the hostel.
  • Hostel accommodation is allotted purely at the discretion of the chief warden and on condition that the student agrees to abide by all the rules and regulations of the hostel.
  • The chief warden may refuse the hostel facilities without assigning any reason or remove a student from the hostel at any time on disciplinary grounds.
  • The chief warden reserves the right to break open rooms in case of any violation of hostel suspected unlawful activities or on the basis of security risk perceived.



  • Students who do not complete their studies within the regular period stipulated for the course have to vacate their hostel rooms. However, they may be allotted alternative accommodation as per availability for a further term(s) on a non-priority basis subject to the condition that 50% of the annual hostel facilities fee will be charged from such students for a term not exceeding six months.
  • The students will have to pay the hostel fee for the entire year for retaining accommodation beyond a period of six months.



  • Hostel facilities fee refund is considered on a monthly basis. Charging on a daily basis for overstay beyond one month is not permitted and such overstay will be considered as a full month's stay.  This rule will be strictly complied with and no representations from students will be entertained.
  • Students vacating the hostel must submit a hostel vacating form duly approved by the chief warden along with no dues certificate from the mess.



  • Mess and Utility charges shall be calculated on a monthly basis which shall be adjusted against the advance.
  • Mess & Utility charges may vary from time to time, as per the prevailing market price of related commodities and electricity tariffs.
  • Utility Charges (includes electricity, water, cleaning, maintenance, and salary to hostel employees) will be collected annually along with mess advance. The actual bill towards these utilities will be displayed monthly.
  • The student will be required to pay any increase in the actual charges as compared to the amount collected in advance. Any amount collected in excess after ascertaining the actual charge will be adjusted against the charges for the subsequent period.