Policy for the Differently Abled

Sikkim Manipal University provides the best educational opportunity & full participation of differently-abled students. Sikkim Manipal University emphasizes the policy that no individual will be excluded from participating in any university program or activity.

We stand true to the commitment to non-discrimination for all persons in employment, access to facilities, student activities, and services.

SMU implements the following policies & measures for ensuring better facilities for Differently Abled individuals:


  • Provide equal opportunities to differently-abled students in various programmes. There will be no discrimination of age, colour, physical ability, marital status, race, nationality, religion, and gender. The university & its constituent units will ensure that the differently-abled individual will have equal access to facilities, programmes, services & jobs.
  • Opportunities for employment of differently-abled in SMU & its constituent unit.
  • Enable and monitor the participation and progress of persons with disabilities.
  • Assist in employment opportunities.
  • Setup ICT tools for reading assistance, type to text tools, and allow faculty assist programs for persons with disabilities.
  • Provide scribes for writing examinations. This will also include making information reasonably available in accessible formats.
  • Enable support in creating an environment that is inclusive and helps nurture their professional growth.
  • Assuring the confidentiality of information regarding students with disabilities.

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