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  • Global Leadership in Human Development, excellence in Education and Healthcare.


  • Develop professionals of excellent calibre in the field of Health Sciences, Engineering, Management, Medical Biotechnology, Basic and Social Sciences, with a humane approach, capable of shouldering the responsibility of building the nation and be globally competent.


  • Support, promote and undertake the advancement of academics
  • Upscale research, creation and dissemination of knowledge
  • Enhance use of ICT and modern education technologies
  • Optimum leverage of NEP 2020 and future opportunities
  • Facilitate outreach and community services
  • Empower people of Sikkim and contribute to human development in NorthEast
  • Create social and environmental responsibilities  among students and employees
  • Ensure steady growth of the University

Core values

  • Integrity and Honesty

We conduct ourselves ethically and legally in all situations upholding stakeholder trust.

  • Committed to Teams, Accountable for Results and Passion to Win

We are passionate about winning and hold ourselves accountable to organisational goals. We believe in teamwork and foster a performance driven culture across the organisation.

  • Achieving Social Impact

We fulfil our responsibility to society, continuously contributing to build a better world.

  • Respect and Fairness

We trust every individual and treat them with dignity, respect and fairness. We practice open and honest communication at all times.

  • Excellence through Quality, Innovation and Leadership

We are committed to delivering superior programs and academic services through continuous innovation and leadership at all levels.





Scholarships worth INR 2.5 Lakh offered to 12 Indian Students




Scholarship 30% for Meritious Student