Student Research Forum





SMU Student Research Forum



To make Sikkim Manipal University a centre of excellence in medical and technical education and research.



1. To provide facilities, infrastructure, and resources to conduct meaningful research and develop an understanding of indigenous materials, capacities, and technologies as well as their social relevance.

2. To provide the knowledge and skills to students so that they are recognized globally.

3. Training the students to meet the rapidly changing needs in medical and technological fields so that they may offer the society the necessary technology and actively participate in all-round socio-economic development.



1. To encourage more research on the campus.

2. To create an environment for effective teaching-learning by encouraging the students and faculty to nurture their intellectual curiosity and scientific and research temperament.

3. To make students aware of the various research grants available.

4. Provide opportunities for continuously updating the knowledge of students through research methodology sessions by the unit members.

5. Increase research and consultancy activity, with options for incentives and encouragement to motivate students to actively involve in research activities in collaboration with industry and R&D Centres (Laboratory, Hospital).

6. Conduct yearly Research day for students of Sikkim Manipal University inorder to provide a platform for the students to showcase their research work and generate interest among the students for research activities.


The Team:

Executive Members:

  • President: Dr. Kartikeya Ojha (SMIMS)
  • Vice-President: Ms. Cheden Sherpa (SMCON)
  • Mr. Nilay Gupta (SMIT)
  • Dr. Suvro Sarkar (MHA)
  • Ms. Dilasha Gurung (SMCPT)
  • Mr. Milan Ghattani (DHSS)



  • Dr. Bidita Khandelwal (Director, Directorate of Research, SMU)
  • Dr. Luna Adhikari (Associate Dean, Research and Development, SMIMS)
  • Dr. Kalpana Sharma (Associate Director, Research and Development, SMIT)



  • Dr. Geeta Soohinda (Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry, SMIMS)
  • Dr. S Visalakshi (Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Applications, SMIT)


Faculty Members

  • Dr. Barkha Devi Baboria (Associate Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecological Nursing, SMCON)
  • Dr. Prabin Pradhan (Lecturer, SMCPT)
  • Ms. Jhuma Sunuwar (Assistant Professor, Department of CSE, SMIT)
  • Dr. Arundhati Bag (Assistant Professor, Department of Biotechnology)
  • Mrs. Rinchen Gensapa (Assistant Professor & Academic Coordinator, MHA)
  • Ms. Tenzing Doma Bhutia (Department of Humanities)


Official Email: