The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences is a constituting Department of SMU, Humanities & Social Sciences is a multidisciplinary Department meant to develop social science understanding and awareness among the students of this region as well as of other parts of India.


The Department of HSS offers Regular courses in Humanities and Social Sciences like BA, BCom, MA and MCom. Humanities and Social Sciences, program at SMU, challenge students to think critically and incisively about society, ideas, people, commerce, and the human condition


The syllabus and method of teaching differ from those at many other institutions in this region. These programs provide excellent preparation for career and professional studies. We are simultaneously one department that does house other major departments so that each student will likely have the most extensive communication with other subjects. 


The Department of HSS as an independent educational and study unit within the University is responsible for instruction and exploration in all fields like Commerce, English, Sociology, Political Science and History.  The following are the fundamental objectives:

1. With the increasing specialization, the following objectives are also fundamental and significant for HSS

2. Management of the academic and campus life with best methods of teaching and advisor system for students.

3. Management of the Co-curricular activities with participation in other activities of SMU including cultural, sports facilities and events.