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Mission Statement


To provide safe blood and blood products at an affordable cost while maintaining the highest standards of safety and to ensure rational usage of blood. 




The Department of Transfusion Medicine is committed to providing safe blood to the patients in need.

The department comprises of a team of physicians, technologists, nurses and support staff who ensure timely supply of safe blood and blood products in times of need.




  • 24 hours blood component services.
  • Consultative services to physicians in complex immunohematological, coagulation, thrombotic and hemolytic disorders.
  • Therapeutic phlebotomy
  • Coagulation profile, Kaolin Clotting Time, D-dimer.
  • Work up of hemolytic anemia: Osmotic fragility, Heinz body, Qualitative G6PD estimation.


  • Dr. Aishi Chakraborty. Contact: 89747 76863,
  • Dr. Amrita Dhakal Sharma. Contact: 7019313927


Project/ Research

  • To determine the frequency of minor blood group antigen Lewis a and b in Sikkimese population - ICMR-STS project in the Department of Transfusion Medicine.
  • Prevalence of unexpected antibodies in voluntary blood donors and blood transfusion recipients in and around Gangtok.- ICMR Project, cost- 10 lakhs.