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The Department of Dental Surgery is a well - established, well equipped department, with comprehensive dental facilities provided by a team of competent dental surgeons and is one of the premier departments in the Central Referral Hospital, S.M.I.M.S. One can expect a highly satisfactory, high-quality dental treatment from experienced and dedicated faculty.

Various dental procedures are performed here ranging from routine procedures like simple extractions, restoration of teeth, specialists rehabilitation using ceramic crowns and fixed dentures, esthetic restorations and smile designing to surgical management of maxillofacial fractures.




  • Restorations: Silver amalgam: Glass ionomer cement fillings composite restoration, including aesthetic and cosmetic dental treatment and correction (composite veneers and diastema closures), smile design etc.
  • Root canal treatments and endodontic rehabilitation using post and core.
  • Periodontal treatment: scaling, root planning, polishing, teeth extraction, polypectomy.
  • Prosthodontics treatment involving; Removable partial dentures, Complete Dentures(including flexible dentures), Fixed partial dentures(crowns and bridges).
  • Minor surgical procedures including drainage of abscess, apicoectomy, operculectomy, simple and surgical extraction of teeth.
  • Major surgical procedures including maxillofacial fractures and tumor management.
  • Public Health Dentistry with community outreach programmes and dental camps including chair side education regarding avoidance of oral habits etc.



  1. Dr. Atanu Bhanja
  2. Dr. Sandeep Kashyap
  3. Dr. Adarsh Deep Kharel
  4. Dr. Arun S
  5. Dr. Mandira Gurung
  6. Dr. Archana Sharma


Contact no: 03592- 231138 Ext- 136






I am proud that you intend to join SMIMS, which over more than a decade has created a niche for itself as one of the most sought after medical institution.

Dr Atanu Bhanja

HOD, Dentistry