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The Department of Psychiatry at SMIMS was established in 2001 and it offers undergraduate teaching for MBBS students, post-graduate training in Psychiatry for MD students and students of other allied branches.

The department deals with the study of epidemiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of mental and behavioural disorders. The diseases that a psychiatrist commonly deals with are schizophrenia, depression, several types of anxiety disorders, substance used disorders, personality disorders and can be as varied as dementia, disorders of sexual function, or childhood disorders such as mental retardation, autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

The department is also actively involved in research and has several ongoing research projects including ICMR funded projects. Community outreach is one of the department’s commitments to the people of Sikkim and also provides free of charge services to various drug de-addiction centres in the state.


Key features

  • Diagnosis and treatment of various psychiatric illnesses.
  • Provides out-patient services every day except on Sundays and second Saturdays of the month.
  • 24X7 emergency services ensured by a consultant at all times.
  • Facilities for electroencephalography, electroconvulsive therapy as well as bio-feedback.
  • Consultation liaison provided to other departments of the hospital.
  • 30 beds for patients requiring hospitalization with separate male and female wards, 15 each. The department has an additional 8 extra beds meant for drug deaddiction to fulfill the need for substance use disorder patients only.
  • Weekly visits to various de-addiction centres in and around Gangtok


Core competencies

  • Treatment of all the psychiatric disorders
  • EEG
  • Modified ECT
  • Drug detoxification
  • Psychometric evaluation for both adult and child.
  • Psychotherapy for various psychological conditions.



  • Daily OPDs
  • Specialty clinics- Geriatric clinic, De-addiction clinic, Child and Adolescent clinic,Marital and psychosexual clinic.
  • Counselling for de-addiction, personality disorders,  academic stress, crisis situations
  • Only center providing Modified Electoconvulsive therapy
  • Electroencephelograpy
  • Best inpatient care in general ward and private suites



  • The Department of Psychiatry at SMIMS works in collaboration with its counterpart at the STNM Hospital at Gangtok. Both undergraduate students and postgraduate trainees undergo rotations at the STNM Hospital and supplement their education in Psychiatry from the varied profiles of the clinical material present there.
  • The Sikkim Drug Rehabilitation Centre at Nimtar has been in collaboration with our Department since 2004. The Department provides weekly free of cost visits to the centre and also in-patient treatment to those who require it.
  • Similar MOU’s have been signed with two more de-addiction centres, namely - The Aho De-Addiction Centre at Mirakai and the Serenity De-Addiction Centre at Burtuk.



A state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing can be achieved by identifying and knowing the different illnesses and ways for effective cure and our

Dr Sanjiba Dutta





The area of research include: • Alcohol dependence syndrome • Opioid dependence syndrome • Depression in the community • Increasing rates of suicides and suicide attempts • Eating disorders in student population