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  • 11

    Faculty and Resident

  • MRI

    Philips Achieva 1.5 Tesla

  • CT

    Philips Brilliance 64 slice

  • USG

    Mindray DC-80 with 4D and Elastography

  • Digital X-RAY

    Philips Optimus 80



  • The department of Radio-diagnosis was established at inception of Central Referral Hospital in 1999. Over the years the department has grown exponentially and currently has various state of the art equipments i.e. 64 Slice Brilliance Cardiac CT (Philips), high end 4D Color Doppler with shear wave Elastography, MRI 1.5T, 1000mA Digital Radiography, Computed Radiography and Mammography.
  • The department is fully digital with a plan to install PACS (Pictorial Archiving & Communicating System) in near future. This will help in becoming filmless for in patients.



  • Provides radiological services to all admitted patients as well as out patients attending various OPDs and Emergency Department of CRH.
  • The radiological facilities are provided round the clock. During off duty hours the procedures are carried out by the faculties on call.
  • Academic activities like formal lectures and practical teaching classes in the department for MBBS students are undertaken as per the laid down schedule.
  • Discussion with post graduate students (DNB) is a regular practice. It mainly involves unusual / interesting cases undergoing various radiological procedures in the department.


Equipment and Facilities:

  • Digital Radiography - Philips Essenta DR Compact.
  • 500mA X-ray machine with IITV – GE DX525
  • 300mA X-ray machine with Computed Radiography - GE DX300 with Carestream Classic
  • Portable X-ray machine - Brivo XR 115, Multimobil 2.5
  • Mammography - VISIMAM
  • Ultrasonography - Mindray DC-80 with 4D and Elastography, Philips HD11XE, Philips ClearVue 350
  • CT Scan - Philips Ingenuity Core 64 slice CT
  • MRI Scan - Philips Achieva 1.5 Tesla




  • Postgraduate: Diplomate of National Board (DNB)-Radio-diagnosis


I am proud that you intend to join SMIMS, which over more than a decade has created a niche for itself as one of the most sought after medical institution.”


Dr Muralidhar V Pai





  • Comparative evaluation of variations in cerebral arterial circulation on imaging in stroke and non-stroke patients.
  • Comparative evaluation of imaging features of drug sensitive and drug resistance pulmonary tuberculosis on computed tomography.
  • Correlation of carotid intima media thickness assessed by carotid ultrasonography with coronary artery disease severity detected on invasive coronary angiography in tertiary care hospital in Sikkim.

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