• “SMCPT at SMU aims to emerge as a global leader in physiotherapy education, imparting quality evidence-based healthcare and achieve excellence in integration of physiotherapy at all the levels of health care delivery.”



  • Imparting strong foundational skill
  • Imparting quality education to achieve skilled based competency
  • Promote research in developing methods to alleviate movement impairment and dysfunction
  • Inculcate a sense of ethical practice
  • Inculcate a sense of lifelong learning



  • We believe that the learning is a lifelong process, and the knowledge base of specific domain involves continuous augmentation of learning experiences specific to that domain and such experiences are supported by research. Thus, Physiotherapy education base of our institution involves augmentation of specific knowledge and skills that are acquired by treating patients based on best clinical evidence and by teaching learning methodologies we adopt to transfer this scientific knowledge to our students. 
  • We are determined to guide and facilitate prospective physiotherapy professionals acquire such specific knowledge, skills and experience in their career to become reflective clinicians to use their intuitive knowledge in treating patients and restore their maximum physical functional abilities.