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“Nursing” has evolved to an entirely new level since its birth. The baton of unconditional love and care that has been passed down from Miss Nightingale across generations has undergone a paradigm shift today. Technological advancements, amazing discoveries and awesome inventions, have endowed the profession of nursing accessories for better care. From what was earlier known as “traditional” nursing, the profession has now transformed into a “hi-tech” nursing. Today, we are in an era of evidence-based practice. The essential perquisite of any nursing action is its scientific validity. Nurses are thus becoming increasingly rational and scientific in their approach to nursing care. Nevertheless, the profession still holds firm to its noble values of “love”, “care” and “selfless service”. It stands firmly grounded on the principles of humaneness, which is in fact the need of the present day. Thus, nursing education has two crucial roles to play. It should be aimed at nurturing future nurses with all the essential values of life at one hand, and simultaneously, it should provide the student nurses with knowledge, skills and attitude related to the hi-tech care. While education has always imparted knowledge and developed the mind, the major function of education would be to inculcate in the student a desire to evolve. Basically, nursing education aims at creating a competent nurse with a “HEART”, “HEAD” and “HAND”.


We, at Sikkim Manipal College of Nursing (SMCON), strive to realize this aim through our systematically devised course curriculum, catering to the needs of students of all over the country. Since its establishment in the year 2001, SMCON has nurtured about 200 graduates, through a generic B.Sc.Nursing and P.C.BSc Nursing programmes. These students have been trained under the care of qualified and experienced faculty. They have been provided with the best possible classroom and clinical exposures. Besides the institute’s own hospital (the Central Referral Hospital), students are also provided exposure in state-run hospitals. The college places more emphasis on hands-on training, as these students will be dealing with human lives later. Individual growth is compounded by provision of extra-curricular activities, as cultural competitions, competitions, college festivals and numerous other activities.  Student’s all-round development is the prime objective of SMCON, facilitated by provision of a teacher-guardian scheme, routine health check-ups, regular evaluation of performances etc.