Sikkim Manipal College of Nursing (SMCON), a constituent unit of Sikkim Manipal University, was established in 2001 in consonance to agreement with Government of Sikkim. SMCON is augmenting and enriching the quality of nursing human resources and extending provision of health care services of high standard in the North Eastern Region & other parts of the country as well. SMCON is providing the much needed opportunity for development of skills, competencies and capabilities adapted to the needs of the region.


SMCON initially established to impart four years B.Sc. Nursing Degree Programme with only 30 admission capacity. Gradually admission capacity was increased to 50 & further increased to 100 admission capacity from 2010. The Post Basic B. Sc. (P.B.B.Sc) Nursing Degree programme of two year duration was introduced since 2010 with 50 admission capacity for the General Nursing Midwifery diploma holders.


Students from all over the Country are eligible to take admission in these programmes. However, since its inception, this College of Nursing has large no. of students from Sikkim and at any given time more than 60% of them hail from this State.


There is tremendous demand of graduate nurses in India & in abroad. In the context of the training & education, B.Sc. Nursing as a professional course present itself as one of the most promising professional development avenue &  very much appropriate for the girl child. Besides that India is facing an acute shortage of qualified nurses due to non-availability of quality educational institutes as well as mass exodus of qualified nurses to foreign shores for better working condition.  Global demands for Asian Nurses including Indian nurses in the developed countries are increasing tremendously. Therefore, the qualified graduate nurses those who are coming out from this College having incredible opportunities for job placements. All the batches of graduates of this college are having the 100% job placement & are working in various reputed organizations of the country including AIIMS, Fortis, Apollo, Escort hospitals etc. and abroad as well.


Milestones at a glance

College Established  :   2001


Programmes  Established                     

BSc Nursing:  2001 onwards

PCBSc Nursing: 2010 onwards


Indian Nursing Council Approved Admission Capacity


BSc Nursing

2001-2008     :   30

2009             :   50

2010 onwards :  100


PCBSc Nursing  2010 onwards : 50




BSc Nursing

1stBatch (2001-05)  :  20

2ndBatch (2005-09) :  16

3rdBatch (2006-10) :   14

4thBatch (2007-11) :  26

5th Batch (2008-12):   30

6th Batch (2009-13): 50

7thBatch (2010-14):  78

8th Batch (2011-15) :   95

9thBatch (2012-16) :   81

10thBatch (20013-17) : 100


PCBSc Nursing   

1st Batch (2010-12): 18

2nd Batch (2011-13): 19

3rdBatch (2012-14) :   4

4thBatch (2003-14) :   7


No of Graduate Passed out from SMCON


BSc Nursing

1stBatch (2001-05)  :  15

2ndBatch (2005-09) :  12

3rdBatch (2006-10) :   16

4thBatch (2007-11) :   25

5th Batch (2008-12):   25

6th Batch (2009-2013): 48


PCBSc Nursing   

1st Batch (2010-12): 18

2nd Batch (2011-2013): 17


Existing strength of students : 371