The hostel provides the students with an atmosphere much like a home away from home. It provides them with all the necessary facilities which help them to acclimatize well with this new ambience. Hostel has its own mess with latest equipment which is managed and run by the Contractor and students themselves. Keeping in mind the different tastes of the students, the mess caters them with healthy and tasty food.

 In all SMIMS Campus has s boys hostels and girls hostels to accommodate the assets of the institute in the most comfortable and conducive manner. 



At present the hostels have a capacity to accommodate 300 girls & 300 boys’ students. The residential accommodation in hostels comprises of Double and Triple seaters . The accommodation available in the various hostels is as below: 


  • Boys Hostel -100 Rooms
  • Girls Hostel --100 Rooms
  • Nursing Students hostel -92 Rooms
  • P.G. Hostel (Hostel No.5) 150 Cubicles  
  • Nursing & BPT (girls students hostel) – 150 Cubicles,  26 room (double seater)