Registration Process

Registration Process

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Registration Process

Before Registration

  • Respond to University notification given in website /newspaper regarding Ph.D. entrance examination, number of seats available etc.
  • Submission of Application to Registrar, SMU/ Head of Institute.
  • Clear Ph.D. entrance examination.
  • Interview cum / Presentation of Protocol to Department; D-RPEC (screening of candidates based on number of seats).
  • Modification of Protocol as per D-RPEC recommendations.
  • Presentation of Protocol to Institute; I-RPEC.
  • Modification of Protocol as per I-RPEC recommendations.
  • Presentation of Protocol for IEC approval (applicable to Medical & Biological research).

After Confirmation of Registration

  • Completion of course work within one year from the date of registration.
  • Ph.D. Research Work at designated Department/Institute/Approved Research Centre.
  • Present Progress Seminar to Department – Research Progress Committee (D-RPC) once every semester (every six months). Missing of two consecutive progress presentation during the entire period of research by the candidate will lead to termination of the registration.
  • Recommendation by D-RPC regarding continuation, mid-course correction or discontinuation depending on progress and quality of work after every six monthly progress presentation.
  • In case the D-RPC at any stage, during the research, work feels that the candidate is not making sufficient progress or is not likely to complete his Ph.D. for any reason, the D-RPC, in consultation with the Supervisor, may recommend discontinuation of research work and cancellation of registration of the candidate.
  • Candidate must publish  adequate  research papers in peer reviewed journals with a minimum of two publications  with  at least one paper ( mandatory) in SCI/SSCI journal and the other in SCOPUS for Engineering, Humanities & Management scholars and minimum of 2 publications with at least one publication( mandatory) in PubMed/ Index Medicos, and one  in Index Copernicus/SCOPUS for medical scholars.

After Completion of Research Work

  • After completion of sufficient research work and specified minimum period after registration, if satisfied, D-RPC recommends writing of Pre Submission of Thesis by the candidate.
  • Presentation of Pre Submission of Thesis to D-RPEC.
  • D-RPEC may recommend further work if not satisfied or may recommend pre submission presentation to I-RPEC, if satisfied. Recommendation of I-RPEC will also be sent to Registrar.
  • On approval by I-RPEC, the candidate will write the thesis and submit six spiral bound copies duly signed by the Supervisor, to Registrar, SMU within six months from the convening date of I-RPEC. A short report   summarizing the contribution and the outcome of the research needs to be submitted one month before the thesis submission.

After Submission of Synopsis and Thesis at SMU

  • Registrar sends the research summary to three reviewers approved by Vice Chancellor, for their consent to review the thesis of the candidate. One of the reviewers will usually be from a foreign university.
  • On receiving consent of the reviewers, Registrar sends the thesis to the reviewers for review, requesting them to review the thesis and send their comments, in the prescribed format, within 45 days. Polite reminders will be sent to the reviewers every 15 days after expiry of 45 days till they send the reviews. In case a reviewer fails to send the review within six months, Vice Chancellor may approve another reviewer and ask the Registrar to send the thesis for review.
  • On receipt of reviews from two reviewers (one Indian & one Foreign), and if both the reviewers have recommended the thesis for award of Ph.D., the Vice Chancellor will ask the Controller of Examinations to organize Defense of the thesis. The Committee for Defense will comprise members of I-RPEC, University Research Committee and minimum one external examiner who will normally be one of the reviewers.
  • In case of non-recommendation or recommendation for additional work/major modifications to the thesis, Vice Chancellor will advise the candidate and the Supervisor to do further work/modifications as the case may be, in consultation with the University Research Committee (URC), and ask the candidate to resubmit the thesis after complying with the instructions.
  • In case the reviews suggest cancellation of registration of the candidate for poor quality research work or unacceptable practices such as plagiarisation, Vice Chancellor may, in consultation with University Research Committee (URC) and after giving due chance to the candidate to present his/her case, order cancellation of registration of the candidate. 

On successful Defense of Thesis

  •  On successfully defending the thesis and recommendation of the Defense Committee, the candidate will be eligible for award of Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) on the day of Defense. On receiving the recommendation of the Defense Committee, and a No Dues Certificate regarding clearance of all dues to the University,  Registrar will issue a provisional certificate to the effect that the candidate has successfully defended his thesis and has been declared eligible for the award of Ph.D. Degree. The provisional certificate will also state that the certificate has been issued in accordance with the provisions of UGC Regulations for Award of M.Phil. /Ph.D. – 2016. The academic Senate will ratify the Ph.D. Degree.
  • The candidate will be awarded the PhD Degree during the next convocation.