1. “Aura”, an annual inter-batch competitive event organized by SMIMS includes following sports activities-


a.      Field Events:                Cricket, Football

b.      Court Events:               Badminton, Volley Ball, Basket Ball,

c.       Board Events:              Table Tennis, Carom, Chess

d.      Athletic Events:           Throw ball, Shot-put, Tug of war, 1 Km Race, 4 Km Race

e.      Gymnasium Events:    Weight Lifting, Bench Press

f.       Computer Games:       Counter Strike, FIFA


2. “Kaal-Rav” an annual inter-collegiate competitive event organized by SMIT includes all the above mentioned sports activities

3.  Every year we develop a cricket team to participate in annual tournament of Sikkim Cricket Association

4.  Every year our players participate and do exceedingly well in state level annual badminton events