The hostel shall be opened to the regular students on the rolls of the Institute. The students who can make suitable arrangement with their parents or guardians for boarding lodging outside the campus may be allowed to do so with the permission of the Director on production of a written undertaking from the parents/guardian that they will take part in all extracurricular activities of the Institute and shall exhibit good conduct.

  • Every Boarder must have a copy of the rules to acquaint himself with all the rules and regulations of the Hostel. He/she must observe them strictly. Ignorance of rules will not be considered as an excuse. 
  • While issuing character certificate to the boarders, the opinion of the Hostel Warden will be given weight age. The Hostel warden will exercise general supervision and control over the hostlers. 
  • Boarders must look up the Hostel Notice Board twice a day, as sometimes important notices are put up there. 
  • No Boarders should see the Dean for ordinary matters. Hostel warden is the right person for such matters. 
  • All cases of illness should be reported to the Hostel Warden/Hostel supervisor
  • No student should keep any fire-arms, lethal weapons, poisonous things or intoxicants of any kind in the Hostel and a boarder found guilty of having committed a breach of this rule, shall be liable to be expelled from the hostel, apart from any other punishment that may be awarded on the merit of each case, by the Dean of the Institute. 
  • Any meeting to be held in the Hostel premises should have the prior approval of the Dean/Hostel Warden. 
  • The students shall make proper use of common rooms having newspapers, allied literature and other articles required for indoor games.
  • While visiting the dining hall, the common rooms and canteen, the students should be in their proper dress. 
  • On each storey of hostel, a student amongst the boarders shall be appointed as Block Prefect for that wing, who will assist the Hostel Warden in the administration of the Hostel affairs. 
  • Purchase of Newspapers & Magazines, Indoor Games, Registers, Rubber Stamps, Organizing Hostel Competitions, Hostel Functions, Festivals etc. 
  • The Dean shall have the power to make amendment in the Hostel Rules and powers to declare Hostel articles unserviceable and its disposal and write off losses. 
  • Guests are not, permitted to stay in the hostel.   
  • Light must be switched off when not in use.
  • The use of electric heater, electric rod and other similar appliance are prohibited. 
  • Boarders are warned against tampering with electric installation and for all electric repairs the electrician should be called in.



  • Students are expected to maintain perfect discipline and proper atmosphere of studies in the hostel. 
  • All kinds of shouting, violet knocking or any other act of movement or behaviour that is likely to cause disturbance or annoyance is strictly prohibited. 
  • Maltreating or abusing the hostel employees and canteen staff is strictly prohibited. In case of any complaint against them, the report should be made to the Hostel Warden. 
  • Dealing in general and specially with fellow students should be very courteous and polite. All disputes with fellow boarders should be avoided. Students must not take law into their own hands, but must report all disputes to the Hostel Warden. 
  • Teasing, maltreating or indulging in any sort of ragging on the newly admitted students is strictly prohibited. Serious disciplinary action will be taken against the defaulting students. 
  • A boarder found guilty of having committed a breach of rules shall be liable to punished by the Warden as under:
  • The Hostel Warden may issue a warning and/or fine upto Rs. 100/- on a defaulting student. 
  • Use of Liquor, Alcohol and other intoxicants in the hostel are strictly prohibited.