The hostel provides a cot, mattress, study table, chair, book rack and wardrobe for each student. Every hostel has uninterrupted electricity, hot water facility during winter period, water cooler with Aquaguard filters, recreation hall, gymnasium and indoor games facilities.Furniture and electrical fittings are not to be removed from one room to another.


Every boarder is to see that no damage is done to the hostel property. Fitting & repair charges for any damage (intentional or negligence) are to be borne by the boarder concerned. 

• A boarder may be expelled from the hostel by the Dean, if the boarder is in the habit of staying away without the permission and hostel fee and mess dues are in arrears for more than a month. 

• No boarder shall leave the hostel without personally handing over the charge of the room. Loss, if any, will be recovered from him/her.